Welsh Artist Jen Delyth Creates original Celtic Art, inspired by the Spirit in Nature, Celtic mythology and symbolism.

Jen’s original Celtic Artwork appeals to those who seek meaningful, profound images expressing deep and essential aspects of the Celtic tradition.

Ninth Wave Publishing is based in Oakland California, owned and operated by Jen Delyth with partner Chris Chandler – Licensing of Jen’s artwork, book publishing, and design, and product development, and includes their online store celticartstudio.com

Most products are Made in the USA, by Keltic Designs Inc, and Amber Lotus Publishing, and we collaborate with small print shops & craftspeople, focussing on ecologically sound, natural materials whenever possible. Each of her original designs is accompanied by an explanation of the symbolism.

Jen has just completed her book Celtic Folk Soul – art, myth & symbol published 2008 with Amber Lotus Publishing.

Celtic Art Studio works with several companies including Keltic Designs and Amber Lotus to create quality products featuring original artwork by Jen Delyth

In January 2011, Jen Delyth began her independent publishing company Ninth Wave Publishing with partner Chris Chandler, presenting Celtic Art Studio – a line of Celtic Art, Licensing and Publishing.

Jen makes her Limited Edition Fine Art Prints & Giclee canvas’s in her studio, where she paints, writes, designs, and runs Ninth Wave Publishing with her partner Chris Chandler.

Jen started Dryad Graphics in San Francisco in 1989, which later became Keltic Designs Inc. with business partner Scott Silverberg. Keltic Designs produces a successful gift line featuring Jen’s original Celtic Artwork, of textiles, jewelry, and stationery which are available through web site www.celticartstudio.com & www.kelticdesigns.com

Jen began publishing with Amber Lotus Publishing in 1999, and their best selling “Celtic Mandalas” Calendars, Journals, Datebook, Greeting Cards – and new illustrated book “Celtic Folk Soul – art, myth and symbol” in 2008

Jen is a founding member of Celtic Art Group Contemporary American Celtic, which has been exhibiting across the States in 2000 – 2011

Keltic Designs by Jen Delyth line now sells to retail shops all over the world, including Wales, Brittany, USA, France, Italy, Australia, Austria, Germany, Japan, Holland, Australia, and Cyprus.


“You may already be familiar with the artwork of Welsh artist Jen Delyth, who has done more than any others (aside from England’s Courtney Davis and original Celtic art revivalist George Bain) to bring the ancient interlace designs, spirals, patterns and imagery of the Celts to modern awareness. As it turns out, Delyth is also an excellent writer and is well steeped in Celtic folklore, mythology, and mysticism. Her stunning artwork and words vividly express the beauty, power, and spirit of nature, as seen from the perspective of Celtic tradition”—Lahri Bond – Dirty Linen Magazine July 2008 www.dirtylinen.com

“From this master storyteller and contemporary artist who is also a very old soul, philosopher, and scholar, … Jen offers both the aware and the uninitiated a new way of seeing through an exploration of the organic elements, patterns, and symbols that make up the Celtic traditions. The connection between her imagery and content is seamless.”>—Cynthia Matyi, artist, author of Little Town of Spirals www.matyiart.com

Jen’s artwork has been admired by Celtic enthusiasts worldwide for many years, and in this book, her followers are in for many delights. As a fellow Celtic artist of nearly 40 years standing, I would highly recommend (her work) to anyone interested in the Celtic World.”—David James author of Celtic Arts: The Living Tradition and New Visions in Celtic Art: The Modern Tradition