About Kristen Fox

When I was a little kid I used to draw all over everything. I'd doodle on the newspaper, fill drawing pads, even drew on the wall once, much to the consternation of my mother. When the pens in the kitchen flower pot container went missing, they always turned up in my room for some odd reason.

At the time, I also didn't realize that a simple snowflake-shape coloring book I was given would not only heighten my interest in mandalas, but would spur a journey of discovery of more and more art forms. As I got older, I followed my interest in drawing beyond coloring books and newspaper-grade paper and into calligraphy and parchment, ancient Celtic Illuminated Manuscripts, and then watercolor and acrylic painting as well.

The next step was to teach myself the intricate form of Irish knotwork and spiral art, and then I began to use those ancient forms to create new, somewhat contemporary Celtic designs with old roots that ran deep. Nothing makes me smile more than the inspiration to create new designs, combining knotwork and spirals and symbolism into a new life form!

You can find me on the web here at the Celtic Art House, and also visit my own websites by clicking a link below:

Art of FoxVox Gallery
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