Celtic Mandala Fine Art Tapestry


Minimum One

100% Fine Detail Cotton Jaquard Woven FINE ART HEIRLOOM TAPESTRIES

Featuring Original Keltic Designs by Jen Delyth ©

Artisan Looms Jacquard Woven FINE ART TAPESTRY 4ft x 4ft & 4ft x 5ft

Tapestry is backed with heavy black cotton cloth, with weighted bottom, and wide sleeve at top for insertion of a Rod or Dowel. Tapestry does NOT include hardware and tassels as shown in picture.

These FINE ART TAPESTRIES are woven works of art. Woven on jacquard looms they utilize between nine and seventeen miles of thread in each design. The color palates of the warp and weft threads work in concert to achieve a broad range of colors on the face of the tapestry.

Tapestries have texture not found in any other art form. The combination of the thread colors and weaves create a unique art experience that changes with each viewing angle. Tapestries have proven their worth for over a thousand years.

HeirloomTapestries have withstood the Test of Time.

Tapestries have been used as both an art form and a medium for recording historical events. The famous Beaux Tapestry is a historical account of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The tapestry was hand woven and took years to complete. Thousands of tapestries have been commissioned as pure works of art, adorning fine homes through the ages. Tapestries today are created with a mix of past and present art.

Tapestries may be hung in several ways.

Tapestries are meant to be hung from the walls, the manner in which they are hung is a mixture of personal preference and science.

If you have sheetrock walls (sheetrock has a high lime content) do not hang your tapestries directly against the wall. Over time, the lime in the sheetrock will adversely affect your tapestry. Utilize brackets that will keep the tapestry 1-2 inches off the walls.

If you have plaster walls, feel free to hang your tapestry against the wall, or 1-2 inches off the wall.