Sun & Moon Leather Journal



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Sun/Moon Journal 5″x7″ by Jen Delyth

SUN/MOON – Lleu/Arianrhod by Jen Delyth.

Sun symbols belong to the oldest of all symbols that people have carved on stones, rocks, bones. The Celtic Gods Lugh – Welsh Lleu (Bright One) and Bel (Shining One)embodied the divine qualities of the sun – life, light, healing, inspiration, strength, (inner) fire, illumination. The Welsh sun god Hu is a bull called the Mighty Hu’. Arianrhod, whose name means “Silver Wheel”, was worshipped as Priestess of the Moon. The moon is the archetypal female symbol representing the Mother Goddess connecting womb, death, rebirth, creation. (Albion, the old name of Britain, meant white moon”). Jen’s original Celtic Art Studio designs express our mythic connection to the natural world. The magical weavings of Welsh Artist Jen Delyth are founded in her deep connection to her Celtic heritage – inspired by the Spirit in Nature, Earth Mysteries, and Mythology. (Journals are Coptic bound in the traditional way.)


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Weight 24 oz