Birds of Rhiannon Large Pendant$30.00
Silver Birds of Rhiannon Brooch$35.00
Silver Celtic Cross Large Pendant$30.00
Silver Double Spiral Earrings$18.00
Silver Double Spiral Small Pendant$12.00
Silver Kats Brooch$35.00
Silver Kats Large Pendant$30.00
Silver Moon Earrings$18.00
Silver Moon Small Pendant$14.00
Silver Moon Spirit Brooch$35.00
Silver Pentacle Knot Large Pendant$30.00
Silver Raven Earrings$21.00
Silver Raven Small Pendant$14.00
Silver Stag Brooch$35.00
Silver Stag Large Pendant$30.00
Silver Tree of Life Brooch$35.00
Silver Tree of Life Earring$18.00
Silver Tree of Life Large Pendant$24.00
Silver Tree of Life Small Pendant$10.60
Silver Tree of Life Stud Earring$12.00
Silver Tribal Heart Earring$18.00
Silver Tribal Heart Small Pendant$12.00
Silver Trinity Knot Brooch$35.00
Silver Trinity Knot Earring$18.00
Silver Trinity Large Pendant$30.00
Silver Trinity Small Pendant$12.00
Silver Trinity Stud Earring$12.00
Silver Triskelian Brooch$35.00
Silver Triskelian Earring$18.00
Silver Triskelian Large Pendant$30.00
Silver Triskelian Small Pendant$12.00
Sterling Silver Tree of Life Rings$22.00$31.00
Ring SizePriceQuantity
Size 5 ($22.00)$22.00
Size 6 ($22.00)$22.00
Size 7 ($24.00)$24.00
Size 8 ($25.00)$25.00
Size 9 ($27.00)$27.00
Size 10 ($28.00)$28.00
Size 11 ($29.00)$29.00
Size 12 ($30.00)$30.00
Size 13 ($31.00)$31.00

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